Current Mission

After losing his parents in a tragic accident, Luke makes a promise to take care of his sister Mary. Falling into hardship Luke has no choice but to enlist into the military. To much of Mary`s surprise. The man that left is not the same one that has returned home. Now, roles have turned and leaves Mary looking after Luke.

Diagnosed with PTSD and not being able to deal with everyday life. Mary convinces him to get help from Dr. Keller. There seems to be one thing that tics Luke off. That DAMN Whistle he keeps hearing.

When he takes off and others around him seem to go missing. Detective Hall along with his two partners, Officer Leek and Officer Tipper are on the HUNT. Just one question is on everyone`s mind. " WHERE`S LUKE?"

Shoot Date


Month:  Pre-Production

Year: 2016

Release: TBA